1. What is LS Crowdfunding?

LS Crowdfunding is one of the leading funding platforms for creative and Innovative Projects. Every project related to Art, Design & Technology, Games, Films and Music can get fund over there. LS Crowdfunding includes all the enthusiastic, originative and creative ideas which come from directly from artistic minds.

Each project which is on LS Crowdfunding is with clear intention, may be of making a short film, publishing a book or arranging a drawing or art exhibition. Projects may be completed and there will be good results.


2. How much LS Crowdfunding charge?

If a project gets the required funds, LS Crowdfunding will charge 5% fee to the funds from project creators. The payment gateway i.e Stripe which we used will also apply payment processing fee (maybe 3-5%). For the complete fee breakdown or any query related to charges or fee, you can contact us.

If the added projects didn't get the required funds, then we will not charge them.


3. How backers get the info if a project will follow through?

Project creators place their prestige on risk when they add projects.

Backers need to check the projects who share a clear plan of how their added project will be completed, and which project creator have the history of other creative and innovative projects. Project creators need to share the links and information related to that project so that backers can make their decision of supporting the project.

Don't hesitate for getting more information from the project creator.