By Peter Parker

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My depressing poems

I write depressing poetry. Poems about how life treated me bad. How the woman I loved didn't love me. About how my parents were abusive.


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I want to publish a book of poems. I write about half empty glasses, about how life treats people badly. About the fact that God does not exist and if he does he is an evil god that makes us suffer. I write poetry about failed love stories. About abusive parents. About friends that betray. About unfaithful wifes and husbands. I write about sadness. I write poems about the selfish. 

Risks and challenges

The main risk is that you get very depressed by my poems and need to start taking some kind of medication to start feeling good about the world again. But maybe you will just feel better about the fact that you are happy and I am sad.

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October 05, 2018

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